Greg Scheer
AKA 'Bubba-J'

About Greg (Bubba-J):

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but haven’t lived there since 1982.  My dad has always had a scooter, mostly Electra Glides, so riding has been in my blood ever since I was a tyke.  Starting to ride at an early age of 6, when Dad brought home an Artic Cat mini-bike, I had barely learned how to ride a bicycle when he put me on that little scooter to see what happened.  He said, “Schultz, I’ll start it for you and you ride it.”  Needless to say, over the next couple years, my determination grew strong enough, as did my arm, to start the scoot, and I tore it up pretty good.  Pop created another biker!  When I turned 10, the mini-bike was long since trashed, Dad brought home my first shift motorcycle: a Harley X-90. I rode that for the next six years learning what repairs really meant. AMF made the scoot.  Trading in the used-up X-90 and an old snowmobile, I upgraded to street bikes at 16.  I rode my KZ-400 and Yamaha R5B-350 for nearly two years, then joined the military and rode a Yamaha Maxim 750 for a couple years.  Finally, in 1999, I had a dream come true when I got “Big Red.”  Big Red has a younger, but slightly bigger brother, “The Green Machine,” back in Ga in storage.   In the Summer 2005 the scoots will again be side-by-side when I move to CA.