Bob Carpenter

Doc is from Texas. He served in the US Air Force for about 23 years, from 1964 until 1987, and was stationed primarily in Texas and Alaska during his active duty. Despite being in artic conditions and limited riding seasons, he continued to own and maintain a motorcycle and ATV. While in Alaska, he enjoyed such scenic spots as King Salmon and Shemya. After retiring form the Air Force in 1987, he came back to the Air Force in 1994 as a civil service employee. He has worked in Education Services since that time and joined the Barons while stationed at Osan Air Base.

He began his motorcycling journey at the tender age of 13 with a 1958 Sears, Allstate motorcycle. Since then he has owned nearly 40 motorcycles, including a 1941 side valve, 74 cubic inch Harley and an early Indian Scout. As well as Harleys, he has owned Brit bikes and Japanese, and was nearly killed on a 650 BSA in 1961 when a 1955 Chevy crossed his path. Having survived that encounter, when he recovered, he immediately got another bike…and has enjoyed every minute on a bike since then. Currently, he owns Harley and Jap bikes…including a crotch rocket. Although he dearly loves his Sporty, his favorite ride is a ZRX1200 Kawasaki that can cruise at an easy 140 MPH. His goal is to retire from civil service, work and tinker on bikes, ride the Texas Hill Country, and fly off the planet aboard a crotch rocket with a case of highly flammable beer strapped to it!

Bobby is a member of the Barons, the Southern Cruisers, a life member of the American Motorcycle Association, the Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association, and the Red Raider Road Riders, a club he established back in the 70s and was elected the first president. While in the Air Force, he worked part-time in Harley and Honda dealerships, and had a small repair shop of his own. Motorcycles are his passion and life, even now as an old fart!